Branding service


Our Branding service is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to bring one of our themes into perfect alignment with your company brand. Once you've purchased one of the themes from our collection we'll update:

  • The logo and other theme images

  • The heading and body text fonts

  • All colors throughout the theme

  • General page elements that are configurable through settings

Our team can complete branding based on a style guide and/or website. All design assets, like images and custom webfonts, must be provided by you although options are available if you'd like our team to assist with sourcing these.

We will provide you with a fully branded theme within 5 business days of your purchase. You'll then have an opportunity to test the theme against your content and your feedback will be used to make adjustments to the theme until everything's perfect!

More complex customization, which can include adding new layouts and functionality, can be requested through our website.

Payments are secure and encrypted